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Visioning - A. D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc.

Visioning Reuse of Unique Architecture

This visioning project was performed as part of the A. D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc. Board's work to restore an historic asset in Richland County. The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed warehouse will serve as a cultural and heritage exhibit, but needed complimentary uses for two of its floors that would also provide sustaining operating revenue. Through an USDA Rural Business Development Grant, the Board called on the Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) to facilitate visioning workshops and take the results from those discussions to provide a limited market analysis on selected business opportunities. Based on the data and analysis provided by SWWRPC, the Board is focusing on the best business opportunities for the space and adding vibrancy to the community.

(images provided by Teal Tizzy Photography)

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