City of Dodgeville Comprehensive Plan 2017-2037

The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) has worked closely with the Dodgeville City Council and the Dodgeville Community Development Committee to produce the most recent Dodgeville Comprehensive Plan. This plan is dedicated to the betterment of the City of Dodgeville and their citizens over the next twenty years.

A unique blend of history, culture, and scenic environment, Dodgeville is looking forward to reaching its full potential in the coming years by prioritizing community resources, education, economic development, and infrastructure. SWWRPC looks to community input and data to identify opportunities, valuable assets, and trends to gain insight of community strengths and areas for improvement going forward.

Playing to the rich community and regional assets of the City of Dodgeville, this comprehensive plan features the importance to invest in their captivating parks and market Dodgeville’s diverse employment opportunities, schools, healthcare, and metropolitan area. By highlighting such community resources, SWWRPC is aiding the City of Dodgeville in investing in their ability to promote their accommodating community to families. There is a clear objective to establish a distinct brand for the city, making it an exemplar for growth potential for business development, housing opportunities, recreation, and infrastructure to support the lifestyle desired by young families, hence investing in the future for years to come.

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