Our Mission

The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission works to build a resilient southwestern Wisconsin through the creation of economic diversity, support for innovation, and development of locally-led strategic initiatives implemented by collaborative partnerships grounded in common purpose.

The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is recognized for delivering innovative long-range planning services that promote resiliency through collaborative partnerships and competitive strategic positioning of our communities and organizations. We are led by an inter-disciplinary team of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to building the capacity required for our communities to thrive.


We envision a southwestern Wisconsin that has met its full potential. A place that is recognized for its resilient and diverse economy, high quality of life, and distinctive Driftless landscape. It will be a place where interconnected bonds between individuals and organizations form strong communities of inclusion and cooperation. Southwestern Wisconsin will be a place where the richness of the land contributes to the healthy lives of its residents and visitors — and the stewardship of our natural resources is a shared and valued responsibility. Our region will be a place that fosters innovation and creativity, inspiring and empowering thinkers and doers. With deep respect for the traditions that built southwestern Wisconsin, we strive to create the best possible region for tomorrow.


Planning is our expertise, and there are several ways in which we are happy to contribute. We understand that community planning is no simple task, and we find value in establishing a process towards reaching implementable solutions that benefit our area. Whether it involves planning for transportation, land use, hazard mitigation, or economic development, the Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is determined to provide cost-effective results for the communities in our region. Improving the quality of life for individuals and bolstering the provisions of our communities is our priority, and our commission is proud to lead this initiative.


Our commission acts as a team that utilizes collaborative effort to achieve our goals. The diversity of talent our staff possesses enables us to take on a variety of projects. With each project, we find it important to collaborate with clients in order to gain as much input, data, and insight as possible in order to tailor our solutions to the uniqueness of each situation. We approach each assignment with an open mind and lead by example by engaging each task with an ambitious temperament in pursuit of our vision of a more perfect region.
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