Community Development

Our commission’s staff is equipped with the expertise to strengthen communities in southwest Wisconsin. Playing a hand in the growth of residential capacity, bolstering of community assets, and more, we pride ourselves in our ability to help communities achieve their full potential.

SWCAP Community Needs Assessment

The Community Needs Assessment purpose is to gather data on southwest Wisconsin from quantitative and qualitative source to assess the existing needs in the community and how well the Southwest Community Action Program (SWCAP) is responding to those needs. The Community Needs Assessment assists SWCAP in understanding, improving, and/or expanding existing programs in order to meet their organization's...


We are pleased to bring events to Southwestern Wisconsin that help strengthen our local communities, that are of interest to our residents and provide for valuable information exchange and actionable outcomes.

Regional Housing Study

In 2018, Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission conducted an in-depth workforce and housing study highlighting the status, outlook, and emerging challenges regarding the region’s housing markets, home ownership, and housing affordability and workforce attraction and retention challenges. This study takes into consideration regional trends, such as the demographic variables, commuting patterns,...

Visioning - A. D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc.

Visioning Reuse of Unique ArchitectureThis visioning project was performed as part of the A. D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc. Board's work to restore an historic asset in Richland County. The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed warehouse will serve as a cultural and heritage exhibit, but needed complimentary uses for two of its floors that would also provide sustaining operating revenue. Through an USDA...

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Grow Southwest Wisconsin

Growing a vision for Southwest Wisconsin…together.Grow Southwest Wisconsin was a three-year planning project dedicated to better position our region for the challenges and opportunities of the future. This three-year project, funded by a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is managed by Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) and overseen by a...

Neighborhood Association Plan

This plan provides a framework of strategies and opportunities throughout the Southwest region to implement neighborhood associations. This project was implemented through Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s Grow Southwest Wisconsin initiative.

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