Requests for Qualifications

Fancy Creek Watershed Restoration Plan - Due March 11, 2022

Questions and Answers

Last Update: 03/08/2022

  • Can you confirm if the DNR Surface Water Grant funds comprise the total budget for this project?

------yes - this is the total budget

  • Please clarify if the proposal is due via hard copy or email. The RFQ gives directions for hard copy delivery, but then states “Proposals may also be submitted by email to” Is this in addition to the hard copy or in lieu of?

------Electronic copy is preferred. We'll print if needed. Please send electronic copies to

  • Can you please share a copy of your standard business contract? We are specifically looking for more information on business licensing requirements to work with SWWRPC. 

------We'll need to satisfy the DNR agreement requirements. This form is found on the page above titled "Professional Services Agreement." Otherwise, we'd ask you to submit a contract upon award. We have no specific business licensing requirements. 

  • The RFQ indicates the need to adhere to an established schedule, but there was none provided. Can you share what your desired schedule looks like? 

------The work is expected to be completed within 18 months. We would like the successful consultant to submit a schedule upon award.

  • There is a request that the person/firm provides certain insurance coverages; however, there were none specified. Can you please provide those requirements?

------ There are no minimum requirements. We expect the consultant to submit their insurance coverage with their proposal and will discuss any concerns during the interview and award process.

  • Can you provide any indication regarding the scoring for qualifications? Are you looking more towards the individual who will be the lead/project manager or at the collective experience of a team?

------The firm is being evaluated for experience and qualifications to perform the services outlined in the scope of work. It is up to the firms submitting qualifications to determine whether that is best demonstrated through the firm's experience, or experience if its members, or both. We do want firms to identify staff they will allocate to the project, and their respective experience, qualifications, and any relevant professional licenses. 

  • Could you please confirm the Area of Investigation / Stream Reach for this RFQ? Is the AOI the Fancy Creek stream reach 1-mile immediately upstream from the confluence with Pine River or is the AOI further upstream?

------The AOI is labeled as "Project Area" in the "Fancy Creek Project Area Map" above. 

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