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Requests for Qualifications

Wastewater Treatment Plants - Cities of Hillsboro, Monroe, & Platteville Due December 3, 2021

Questions and Answers

Last Update: 11/23/2021

  • Clarification: Page 7 of the RFQ, Evaluation Criteria for "Key personnel's professional background" should read Phase 1 and Phase 2, NOT Phase 3.

  • Will the City or RPC provide parameters for additional loadings?
    • The grant that, pending award, would fund this work is predicated on the demand for industrial growth - specifically in the food processing and manufacturing cluster. Historically, cheese and dairy businesses are a significant industry in this cluster, and each of the three communities have demonstrated demand for new growth in this industry. Consultants should contact each community to determine parameters for additional loading, based on anticipated growth of existing businesses or desire and strategy for new growth in this industry. 

  • Is Platteville looking for a joint firm or separate firms?
    • See the response below regarding the proposal review and selection process. 

  • Traditionally, Platteville has worked with a single firm for wastewater plant improvements.  Is Platteville wanting a fresh look?
    • This grant requires that each community engage a consultant through a competitive process that puts each firm on equal footing during the RFQ process. While each community has a consulting engineer or engineers they have worked with in the past, this process is designed to ensure equal competition for firms seeking to perform this work. Additionally, given the size and scope of each individual project and the three projects combined, it is in the cities' interest to look for advantages that may come from attracting new firms or the possibility of jointly procuring a firm for more than one project. 

  • Section G.  Proposal Options indicates proposals will be accepted in one of two ways.  The first is for work associated with one City’s wastewater  treatment plant upgrade; the second is for work associated with two or more Cities’ wastewater treatment plant upgrades.   If a firm submits an SOQ to work on projects for two (or three) cities, would the firm need to be selected by both (or all three) cities, or would the firm still be eligible to be selected by just one City?  In other words, by submitting an SOQ to work on multiple wastewater treatment plant upgrades, is the selection “all or nothing” or can the consultant  be selected for just one of the projects?
    • Clarification regarding Section G. Proposal Options: Firms should indicate in their proposals whether they are submitting for one community, or multiple communities, and clearly identify each city they wish to be considered for. or the combination of cities. If a firm is interested in being considered for multiple cities, SWWRPC and the cities will consider this when reviewing proposals. If the cities choose not to jointly procure a firm for more than one city, firms will still be considered for each separate city identified in their proposal.  For example, if a consultant is interested in providing services for Hillsboro and Monroe through a joint contract or for either of these singly, this should be indicated. The cities will then consider this proposal for individual contracts for Hillsboro and Monroe, or a joint contract for Hillsboro and Monroe.  

  • At the top of the second page of the Request, it states “…each City shall review evaluations and make the determination as to which firm will provide services for their project”.  Section H. Instructions for Submitting Selections states “A selection committee will evaluate all Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for selecting a consultant”.   Who will be part of the selection committee?  Is the evaluation performed by the selection committee, based on the Section I. Evaluation Criteria, intended to serve as a recommendation to each City?  Will the same selection committee make a recommendation to each City, with each City then being responsible for the final selection of the consultant for their project?
    • Clarification regarding the process for selecting consultants: Due to the unique structure of this particular EDA grant, Phase I work will require a direct contract between SWWRPC and the selected consultants. For this reason, SWWRPC will participate in the proposal selection process. However, the grant investment itself is directed at assets owned and operated by the cities (the wastewater treatment plants), and so the ultimate decision on which consultant is chosen for each city will fall to the cities themselves. The selection committee will consist of the SWWRPC Executive Director, and the City Administrators / Managers and their respective Public Works Directors. The process will be as follows, and begin immediately following the submission of proposals:
      • SWWRPC distributes proposals to the cities so they can begin their review
      • SWWRPC performs a technical review of proposals to document how consultants' SOQs respond to the requirements identified in the RFQ.
      • The selection committee will meet to evaluate the proposals and make decisions. This evaluation will include discussion on the merits of joint-procurement for multiple cities. 
      • SWWRPC will contact selected consultants and schedule kick-off meetings with the cities.

  • Under item H, Section 6 - Other Pertinent Information, it is noted that this can be a maximum of three pages.  Would 11 x 17 sheets be allowed for these three pages, or do they need to be 8.5 x 11?  If allowed, they would be tri-folded to match the 8.5 x 11 sheet size.
    • No. Follow the RFQ's guidelines at the top of the document. 

  • We understand the SOQ is intended to provide the basis for the selection of a consulting engineer to provide services for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the projects. However, would you please confirm with EDA that, by providing engineering services for Phase 1, a consulting firm will not be prevented from providing engineering services for Phase 2?   Is this potential concern eliminated by the selection of the engineer for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 up front?
    • Per EDA guidelines, we are eliminating the possibility of different consultants for Phase I and Phase II by procuring both phases together. The contracts drawn up for Phase I will reference this, with Phase II contingent on grant award.

  • Would you please provide clarification regarding the requirement for “A confirmation that, if awarded the contract, the Respondent acknowledges its complete responsibility for the entire contract, including approval of all payments resulting from work completed under the Project contract(s)”. Is that simply referring to the responsibility to pay subconsultants?
    • Yes - this refers to the successful consultant demonstrating payment made to all sub-consultants, if there are any. 

Coulee Region Business Center - Renovation Due December 14, 2021

Questions and Answers

Last Update: 11/23/2021

  • Are construction management firms permitted to partner with architecture firms for this proposal? All other subcontractors would be competitively bid. 
    • All construction on EDA projects must be competitively bid. If administrative CM work is required to complement an architect, they could partner to submit a Statement of Qualifications for the A/E work only, however that would eliminate the CM agency from being involved in construction since they would have an unfair advantage in the competitive bid process.

Savanna Institute Food Processing Incubator - New Facility Design and Construction Due December 20, 2021

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Last Update: 11/29/2021

Decorah Driftless Hub and Incubator - New Facility Design and Construction Due January 7, 2022

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Last Update: 12/7/2021

Kitchen Incubator of Northwest Illinois - Facility Renovation and Addition, Design and Construction Due January 7, 2022

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