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GIS Mapping

GIS is a crucial tool for projects involving land use planning, transportation planning, emergency planning, and community development. Our GIS staff provide centralized GIS services for accurate data management, custom mapping, and interactive web-based maps.

To view GIS Parcel Mapping of the region or statewide, follow one of the links below. Otherwise, take a look at some of SWWRPC's mapping projects!
View Grant County Parcel MapView Green County Parcel MapView Iowa County Parcel MapView Lafayette County Parcel MapView Richland County Parcel MapView Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map

City of Monroe & Green County Online Bike Route Map

An online, interactive map of bike routes through Green County and the City of Monroe has been created! This map was designed to help cyclists visit and explore this beautiful region. One can click on the map to learn about each bike route, including mileage and elevation, and to view points of interest,...

Southwest Wisconsin Cemetery Mapping

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) has completed an online service to help communities manage their local cemeteries and provide access to the public wishing to conduct family research. With the use of GIS mapping technology, SWWRPC undertook this effort to modernize and manage...

Southwest Wisconsin Verified Sites

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission created an online mapping tool that makes land acquisition, site searching, and asset management and information-gathering easier than ever! This interactive tool is designed to give the user in-depth visual and detailed information regarding available...