Austin serves the SWWRPC as a GIS Planner. He works on infrastructure mapping, web mapping applications, and various other GIS-related tasks to assist in serving the overall GIS planning needs of the team.

He previously worked as a GIS Specialist for EPCOR USA in Arizona before making the decision to return to his native home of Wisconsin and work with SWWRPC to help serve the needs of the community that gave me so much.  Before that, Austin worked in multiple GIS-related roles with several organizations, including the WI State Cartographer's Office.  He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor's in Cartography and GIS.

Favorite Quote:  "When I Choose To See The Good Side Of Things, I'm Not Being Naive. It Is Strategic And Necessary. It's How I Learned To Survive Through Everything." - Waymond Wang

Favorite Cheese:  Culver's cheese (curds) ;)

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