Troy serves as executive director, overseeing the scheduling, budgetary, and implementation aspects of the Commission’s various planning projects. Prior to SWWRPC, he worked as planning and zoning director for a rural county, with the Army Corps of Engineers’ planning division in St. Paul, and as an assistant project manager in large-scale commercial construction. Troy also served for three years as an education volunteer with the Peace Corps in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Troy brings project management, land use, and regulatory experience to SWWRPC and works to find new solutions to old problems through collaboration. He has a bachelor’s of science in Construction Project Management from Ohio State University and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In his free time, Troy enjoys traveling and having grand adventures with his wife and children.

Other Languages: Tongan

Favorite quote: “To be or not to be is not the question. The vital question is: how to be and how not to be?” — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Favorite Cheese: Gorganzola

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