Southwest Wisconsin Verified Sites

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission created an online mapping tool that makes land acquisition, site searching, and asset management and information-gathering easier than ever! This interactive tool is designed to give the user in-depth visual and detailed information regarding available sites in southwestern Wisconsin.

Fixed in the science of spatial analysis, our Verified Sites program provides relevant data including specifics in acreage, available utilities for each unit, availability, relevant documentation, and more! The tool is designed for use by both site selectors looking for shovel-ready sites, as well as public works directors in need of managing infrastructure assets.

SWWRPC believes this tool is essential in helping those interested in expanding or growing business access the offerings of regional industrial parks and commercial areas. This tool, paired with the commission’s economic development endeavors, acts as a catalyst to building a more robust, thriving business climate for communities in our region in the near future.


If you have any questions about the online map please contact Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission: Troy Maggied at (608) 342-1636.

To access verified sites in your area, click one of the links below!

Visit Iowa County Verified Sites

Visit City of Platteville Verified Sites

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