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Lafayette County Land & Water Resource Management Plan

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) has collaborated with several partner agencies to develop a ten-year implementation plan to guide Lafayette County’s soil and water conservation efforts. This document identifies the natural resource assets in the county and outlines action the county will take to preserve or improve them. These resources include surface and ground water, topsoil, and wildlife habitat. Furthermore, the plan looks ahead to mitigating future threats such as invasive species and is designed to assist proactive planning for sustainable agriculture into the future.

               SWWRPC understands the ever-apparent importance of agriculture and the natural resources of Lafayette County, and how important the sustainability of both is to citizens of the county. With this in mind, this plan was developed with community input from a citizen advisory committee, comprised of landowners, farmers, and the Lafayette County Board. Backed by thorough analysis, collaboration from partner agencies, and in-depth committee discussion, SWWRPC believes this plan is foundational for a safer, more sustainable Lafayette County for the future.

  • To learn more of the Lafayette County Land & Water Resource Management Plan, see the link below!

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