City of Boscobel Comprehensive Plan 2022-2032

The Boscobel Comprehensive Planning process is a grassroots effort that began in 2021 to bring together community stakeholders to collaboratively plan and coordinate City resources, to create a unique, flourishing, and resilient future for the City of Boscobel. This plan is the result of extensive public input collected through five public input sessions and a community survey. Together, over 72 unique participants provided their experience and expertise during these public input sessions. Additionally, a community survey was distributed, gaining input from 410 people.

This planning process resulted in the identification of core values that represent the guiding principles for how Boscobel makes decisions and how Boscobel best views itself and what it offers residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. These core values were: Natural Beauty and Recreation; Pro Business and Business Support; Beautiful Downtown and Main Street Infrastructure; and Engaged Human Capital. The planning process also generated Goals, Strategies, and Actions organized by four topic areas. These topics include “Economic Development, Housing, and Transportation”, “Community Resources”, “Leadership, Cooperation, and Volunteerism”, and “Land Use and Implementation”.

This planning process was completed by Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SWWRPC) in coordination with the Boscobel Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, the City of Boscobel Planning Commission, and the City Common Council.

To learn more of the current status and future of the City of Boscobel, take a look at the PDF below!

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