City of Shullsburg Comprehensive Plan 2023-2033

The Shullsburg Comprehensive Plan process began in August of 2021. City leadership desired direction to guide the community towards its most important priorities. After meeting with community leaders and established a Comprehensive Plan Committee in November of 2021. The public engagement process began in early 2022. Two public meetings were held at the Shullsburg School in March. The themes were: 1). Vision, Opportunities, Barriers, Concerns. 2) Economic Development, Land Use, Housing, Recreation. An online survey was also conducted generating 154 respondents. Based on these results, the plan's Vision Statement was established on April 28, 2022. Issues identified included; Decreasing demographics, leadership, inclusion, and growth barriers with housing and land. The plan was constructed during the summer and fall of 2022 with the City Council adopting it in December of 2022. The city then began being proactive with its most pressing needs. 

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