Village of Monticello Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036

The Monticello Comprehensive Plan Update was collaboratively developed by community members to create a unique, flourishing, and resilient Monticello for the 20 years to come. Extensive public input was completed for the plan, including Visioning Boards, a Visioning Kickoff Meeting, and four Community Input Forums. Together, over 55 unique participants provided their experience and expertise during these public forums. Additionally, a Community Survey was distributed — gaining input from 84 people, 66 of whom did not attend a public meeting for the comprehensive plan.

This planning process resulted in Goals, Initiatives, and Actions organized by topic areas. These topics include: Community Resources (Natural and Agricultural Resources, Parks and Recreation, Education, and Culture and Creativity), Infrastructure (Transportation, Housing, Utilities including Waste Management, and Public Safety), Economic Development, and Land Use and Implementation.

Through these Goals, Actions, and Initiatives and the public forums, three themes were recognized. These are issues that were continuously stated by community members as high priorities. The themes were: the need for high speed internet; the need for improved communication between the Village government and the community; and the importance of the parks system.

Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission's client was the Village of Monticello for this project. The partners were the Green County Development Corporation, Green County University of Wisconsin - Extension, and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

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